My first foray into teaching programming was using Python to teach my son programming basics using the super duper book - Hello World by Manning press. Here is the rundown:

What is it? A very accessible way of learning the basics of programming AND Python while learning the basics of game development. The new version of Hello World cover Python V3

Who is it for? Anyone. Literally. Great for kids and adults.

Breadth of Instruction: Not every single element of Python 3 is covered but most basic things like variable types, iteration, hashes, blocks, exception handling and a few advanced things like Java interop. Quite a bit more than just the basics.

Depth of instruction: This is skill building material. You have to edit files. Do projects on your own. You can’t just jam through the materials and expect to get it. You are going to have to think a bit on this one. Although I’m far from a python master, I suspect there is enough depth in this material that even a master level folk, that have no experience in game development is going to get a couple of gems out of this one.

Value: Quite good.

Cost: Cheapish… $31.99

Setup: There is a super easy setup procedure outlined in the book… not sure if it maintained these days but it was great to get the numerous applications required for setup installed.


Where: Hello World