One of the first significant figures in the lore of Ruby after matz - the originator of ruby and dhh - the originator of ruby on rails is _why the lucky stiff.

_why the lucky stiff was, using the past tense here because he no longer using this pseudonym, an artist, poet, and ruby developer of great renown. Among other things he wrote a browser based implementation of ruby which served as the genesis of numerous learn-to-program-in-a-browser startups and a way-out-there, semi-rational introduction to Ruby called Poignant Guide to Ruby.

The Poignant Guide to Ruby serves as the inspiration for the try ruby online course. Here is the rundown:

What is it? A basic introduction to the ruby programming language loosely based on why the lucky stiff Poignant Guide to Ruby that operates entirely in the browser.

Who is it for? This is for stone cold newbies. And not in a good way.

Breadth of Instruction: Limited. This is a light course covering just the very basics of programming.

Depth of Instruction: Just hits the surface of the topics involved.

Value: yeh… Free but your time is better spent elsewhere.

Cost: Free

Setup: You have what you need - a browser and an Internet connection.

Recommendation: If you are interested in really learning Ruby and you are a stone cold newbie, I’d recommend CodeAcademy’s Ruby class.

If you aren’t, I’d still recommend… CodeAcademy’s Ruby class. If you like wacky, way-out-there sort of reading and have some time, I’d recommend going straight to the source and read Poignant Guide to Ruby.

Where: Try Ruby