I love Ruby. It is terse and compact. Powerful yet easy to read. Accessible but profound. The perfect language to create devops scripts, command line app, web apps or iOS apps. Oh, and if you want to learn Rails you will need to know it well. It is soooo much better to master what you are doing instead of muddling through).

And there are tons of great ways to learn Ruby. Ruby e-books abound and Ruby website resources are plentiful. There are so many Ruby methods, resources websites, and tons of advanced Ruby articles that it is really difficult to chart a path to learning Ruby. It is simply overwelming.

So I set out to solve this problem for myself a couple of months back. I wanted something cheap if not free. At first, I was using an non-unix based machine installing Ruby was harder than it should be - coding in a browser instead of the command line would be good. And I really don’t like learning to code from a giant tome of a book. Who wants to be 200 pages into a book and be 1/4 done??

What that in mind I made The Path to Learning Ruby I have worked up has three levels: Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced. The first question you have is - Where should I start?

Start at the Beginner path if you haven’t programmed before, need a programming refresher or would just like to start with easier material before getting to the harder stuff.


Start at the Intermediate path if you have programmed before and feel confident with install Ruby and a code editor

Don’t start directly at the Advanced path to Learning Ruby unless you already know Ruby well. This is more advanced materials and lots of Ruby language features don’t exist in other languages so it is way, way better to start at the Intermediate path instead.

Good luck learning Ruby!