The first step to learning Ruby isn’t really Ruby… it is learning to program. Start with these resources in this order if you are just starting with The Learning Ruby Path. Or if you simply like to start with the basics of a language before moving on here this is the place to start.

Codecademy Ruby - This is a super great free course that enables you to learn Ruby from the browser and learn programming ideas from the ground up. Towards the end of the course it gets more technical but really starts from square one and builds nicely. I really love the repetitive nature of the exercises… it spirals and has you working through many similar programming problems each time they introduce something new. Excellent course.

Try Ruby - A free course from Code School which, like Codecademy, enables you to learn Ruby in the browser. I’d look at switching back and forth from this course to Codcademy to really get the basics down.

Ruby Monk - The last of the code in a browser trio, the Ruby Primer course is more advanced, has less explanation but offers a bit more advanced beginner material than the first two courses.

Once you have these basics down then you are ready for Learn Ruby Path Intermediate.

Good luck on your Journey!