Your second step down The Ruby Learning Path is the Intermediate path which includes the courses listed here. Again, these resources are free, easy to access and well regarded. Ideal for the beginning coder that is up and running a bit with Ruby or the programmer simply new to Ruby.

Learn Ruby the Hard Way - Once you understand the basics of Ruby, it is time to take the plunge and install it on your computer and get coding. Learn Ruby the Hard Way takes the no-pain = no-gain mantra to the extreme but to great affect. This is the place I would start if you have programmed before and want to get straight to coding.

Ruby Koans - I really like this course.. although it is hard to describe it as a course… each mini-lesson focused on specific small topic gets you to thinking about why Ruby works the way it does. Plus it covers lots of moderate and harder Ruby topics in addition to teaching you a bit of test driven development (TDD). You’ll need Ruby installed to make these exercises work.

Ruby Monk - These folks have two intermediate Ruby courses that are good. Ruby Primer: Ascent is a beefy course with a super user interface and good content. The beginner course from Ruby Monk, called Ruby Primer has fantastic problems at the end of the course to pull all the concepts in the course together… and I wish I could say the same for this course. Still, the course is free. And good.

The second Ruby Monk course is Metaprogramming Ruby and it feels unfinished and brief but still worth a look.

Good luck working through this material. Once you have head on over to the advanced stuff in the The Ruby Learning Path - Advanced courses.