The advantage of CodeDeploy is the integration with all AWS compute types and load balancers/AGW using numerous deployment options.

Deployment options

  • EC2 - Rolling deployment called “in-place”
  • ASG - “in-place” or Blue/Green using ALB
  • Lambda - creates alias for function, tests using Pre-traffic hook, starts shifting traffic. Optionally CloudWatch, using an alarm, can trigger rollback and Post-traffic hooks can be run. SAM uses CodeDeploy by default.
  • ECS - support for blue/green deployments & canary deployments

Code Commit

Hosted git with integrations into IAM, EventBridge, and Lambda.

Code Pipeline

Jenkins sort of thing except on AWS. Easy to integration with ECR (to build container images). Integrates with GitHub. In V1 CodePipeline could poll GitHub or use HTTP Webhooks. V2 integration uses CodeStar Source Connections.