If you are getting ready to attend one of my classes this is the setup you need to do prior to getting to there - once you do you will be ready to rock!

  1. Go to github and create an account if you don’t have one already. Github is the epicenter of open source software and a great place to create your new online portfolio - for free!
  2. Now head over to c9 and create an account - signup using your github account. c9 is a coding environment in the cloud. When using c9 you access a virtual Ubuntu Linux server in the c9 data center which includes a nice editor and great integration to services like github. You will use c9 later in the Free Code Camp courseware - we are getting a head start!
  3. Once signup is complete and you have given them your email address, you will be presented a screen that says “Workspaces.” You can create one and check it out or simply come to class!

Let email me when you complete this task or if you need a bit of help getting setup!