The idea behind the class is to take students who have a basic compentence in HTML & CSS with bit of commandline and JavaScript skills and teach them the basics of git, github, Jekyll and gulp.js. In addition, folks will get some understanding of what a development tool chain is and how to manage that tool chain on an Ubuntu workstation using the super cool c9 cloud development environment.

The cool part is that ALL particpants end up with a new portfolio, which we create during the class, AND the skills to run their portfolio as well. The website you make in this class should enable you to showcase your projects and the code behind those projects for anyone interested in HIRING you as a professional software developer. Plus all your friends will be amazed!

You are reading this post on my version of the website you will make in this class.

As a little FAQ - Yes, you will need to attend all the classes - each session builds on the last session. Nope, I won’t be offering this class on the weekend - there is way too much material to absorb in one day. Yes, you need to bring a laptop. No, you don’t need any special tools for the class but you will need to complete some setup activities before you attend. Yes, your portfolio will rock when you get done with the class. Yes, every single person, except one, has left the class with a fully functional Github based portfolio. Yes, this class is completely free - free as in beer.

Checkout the details of the class:

  • Github Pages Portfolio Development Session 1

  • Github Pages Portfolio Development Session 2

  • Github Pages Portfolio Development Session 3

This class uses c9 and here are the setup instructions. Please email me at ric + the @ sign + to register!

The next class will be held:

During the class I drive a presentation that you view online in a browser with the following links:

AFTER the class done, or if you want to checkout what is in each session before hand, you can the presentations online with the following links: