This is a very simple exploration of AWS DynamoDB from the AWS CLI. To get started with the CLI first install it, then use aws configure to configure it for your account and region.

DynamoDB API Reference points


DynamoDB API (Table) Notes
CreateTable Creates a new table. Optionally, you can create one or more secondary indexes, and enable DynamoDB Streams for the table.
DescribeTable Returns information about a table, such as its primary key schema, throughput settings, index information, and so on.
ListTables Returns the names of all of your tables in a list.
UpdateTable Modifies the settings of a table or its indexes, creates or remove new indexes on a table, or modifies DynamoDB Streams settings for a table.(used to change the required provisioned throughput capacity.)
DeleteTable Removes a table and all of its dependent objects from DynamoDB.


DynamoDB API (CRUD) Notes
PutItem Writes a single item to a table. You must specify the primary key attributes, but you don’t have to specify other attributes.
BatchWriteItem Can write to one table or delete from one or more tables
GetItem You must specify the primary key for the item that you want. You can retrieve the entire item, or just a subset of its attributes - charged for the entire record.
BatchGetItem Retrieves up to 100 items from one or more tables. This is more efficient than calling GetItem multiple times because your application only needs a single network round trip to read the items.
UpdateItem You can also perform conditional updates, so that the update is only successful when a user-defined condition is met. Optionally, you can implement an atomic counter, which increments or decrements a numeric attribute without interfering with other write requests.