This is a very simple exploration of AWS Kinesis Streams from the AWS CLI. To get started with the CLI first install it, then use aws configure to configure it for your account and region.

In this single scenario, follow along to create, write, and read from a stream.

Create, Write, and Read Streams

Create stream

aws kinesis create-stream --stream-name mySillyStream --shard-count 1

List the streams to see if it worked

aws kinesis list-streams

what sort of data is in the stream description? (table output format rocks)

aws kinesis describe-stream --stream-name mySillyStream

add a little data

aws kinesis put-record --stream-name mySillyStream --partition-key 123 --data testdata

get an iterator

aws kinesis get-shard-iterator --shard-id shardId-000000000000 --shard-iterator-type TRIM_HORIZON --stream-
name mySillyStream

use the iterator to read the stream

aws kinesis get-records --shard-iterator <insert the long shard iterator here>

enough of this - delete the stream

aws kinesis delete-stream --stream-name mySillyStream