I’ve been involved with the Free Code Camp group here in Seattle for the last several months and I have gotten so much from the energy and enthuisasm of it.

In the midst of that enthuisasm I have noticed that FCC, and almost no one I can find, teaches folks how to make an online portfolio and certainly not using jeykll and gh-pages. Combined with the troubles lots of folks have taking coding skill they have learned in a browser and applying them to the desktop you have the makings of a great class.

This is my opportunity to give back to the group. To share what I know with the those that have shared with me!

The entire class is conducted in a hands on manner - at the end of the class everyone will have made their own online portfolio, hosted on github using the Jekyll static site generator, complete with a blog and knowledge of the Ruby and NodeJS toolchains, git/github, a bit of experience on the command line, a bit about gulpjs and the ability to create new projects and host the source and completed website on github as well. This is a jam packed course.

To make things easier, the class uses the free c9 service that Free Code Camp uses in their curriculum. Folks taking the class should setup a git hub account, a c9 account and create their new workspace for the class. I have made instructions on how to do that on .

The first session covers the following topics:

  1. Introduction to the importance of an online portfolio - Hint: Show hiring managers that you can code.

  2. Introduction to git and github - What is git and github and why are they so important.

  3. Git client installation & configuration - getting git installed… if it isn’t already.

  4. Features and functions of git including clone, fork, push, pull, checkout, merge, branches & commits - How and why we do these activities in a developer workflow.

  5. Git hub profile and a personal gh-pages website - How to host a website on github.

  6. gh-pages for projects - How we can use gh-pages for projects to host our projects.

Check out the presentation on slides.com: http://slides.com/ricmclaughlin/githubportfolio1-1#/

The Next Part of Github Pages Portfolio Development Session 2

The Final Part of Github Pages Portfolio Development Session 3