This class introduces students to power of automation with the awesome power of commander.js , data structures with a bit of bash shell, git and c9 thrown in to complete the packages.

This class features a code along style structure. I show the students some code. Have them do a few commands at the C9 terminal then modify some code. Then I present them with a coding challenge while providing them some code snippets to help out with new syntax and coding structure. The coding challenges run about 10 minutes in length with more advanced students generally pitching in to help those having a hard time.

This is the same code along style I’ve been using with my portfolio development class and it works very well. Combine this style instruction with a standardized dev environment using C9 and a standardized programming environment using a cloned git hub repo has resulted in few “it does not work on my machine” sort of issues during the class. Mac, Windows and Linux users, even chromebook users can particpate very easily using this standardized approach.

The ideal student for this class has a good grasp of JavaScript and has developed some algorithms and small apps. The topics presented include:

  1. Intro C9 Environment - How using C9 makes it possible

  2. Bash Baby Steps - Just enough Bash to get the job done

  3. JavaScript Scripts - How to automate with vanilla JavaScript

  4. CLI Apps with Commander - Automate better with Commander.js

  5. The List Data Structure - Lists are a natural fit with command line apps.

  6. The Ordered List Data Structure - and so are ordred lists

  7. The Queue Data Structure - The queue data structure as explained by blowing up dynamite.

The full slide desk is on and uses this github repo.

For those of you who are wondering why I would put these topics together into a class, I offer this explanation.