I'm an AWS centric application architect that codes, teaches and leads teams. My professional qualifications include:

I work on a freelance basis with two types of clients. Over the long haul, for most clients I've developed applications that solve business problems. And the applications are rarely the same. Could be a web app to process special orders, product transfers, and warranty claims using C#, .net and MS SQL Server. Could be a hyper-local SaaS product using the MEAN stack on AWS. Could be a website management system to build, test and deploy 1000s of websites using Travis, S3, and Jekyll. What ever the client needs, I figure it out and deliver it by myself or with team I draw together.

Over the last couple of years, I've had more and more Ed Tech clients which is a direct offshoot of the joy of teaching I found while my time as a home schooling stay-at-home dad... At first, I did it for free teaching a series of free of portfolio development classes to Seattle based Free Code Campers, then when pro with a brief stint with Galvanize then Level Education and Northeastern University.

And yes, you could just take my word for all of this... or, you can draw your own conclusion by reviewing my portfolio.

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